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Bryon (pronounced Brian) had never written any stories or read or written any poetry before the night of the channeling with his deceased cousin Kirby and his psychic medium wife Shannon in October of 2007.  He also never had the desire, imagination, writing, or rhyming abilities that he now possesses, and yet he is now a Four Star author and an international award winning poet.  Bryon believes all of these new found skills are ongoing "gifts from Kirby" which allows him to write and publish his work worldwide in both print and kindle editions on the domestic and international Amazon websites along with many other online book retailers like Barnes & Noble/ and  You can access Bryon and Shannon's Amazon Author's Page by clicking on the action button on each page.  You can also take the ISBN numbers into your local book store and they can order them for you as well.  They currently include: Living Beyond Existence-Kirby's Gift from the Afterlife,

and The Purgatory Series of poetry books, volumes 1 through 7.

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As gifted as Shannon is being a psychic medium, she is also a Four Star author and an award winning poet.  Shannon has been writing poetry and stories her entire life, and her goals are to publish two children's books she has written, Timid Tina and Scaredy Cow, and Cassie the Artist.  Shannon is also working on To Run The River, and it contains her unique philosophy about overcoming life's challenges such as enduring over a dozen surgeries, suffering from fibromyalgia, and living with numerous other health problems.  In spite of these medical set-backs, Shannon still chooses to live a positive and magical life.  Shannon is the co-author of Living Beyond Existence-Kirby's Gift from the Afterlife, Poems from Purgatory, and Poems for Your Pleasure.

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Living Beyond Existence-Kirby's Gift from the Afterlife is the true story about how in October of 2007, Bryon's deceased cousin Kirby channeled through his psychic medium wife Shannon for five hours during a reading which resulted in the book that may just possibly change your understanding of life and in the way that you live it.

The Purgatory Series of poetry books, volumes 1 through 7: Poems from Purgatory, Poems for Your Pleasure, Poems of Perception, Poems of Perfection, Poems of Persuasion, Poems that are Preferred, and Poems in No Particular Order, includes a wide variety of poems about finding love, losing love, lust, passion, life, death, God, spirituality, existence, naughty and spooky poems, along with dark poems about the inner demons that many souls battle with here in this life.  A wide variety of other poetry categories were written as well.

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Future works that are planned for publication is Bryon's first paranormal / sci-fi / horror short story titled The Crossing, which is volume 1 of The Destiny Trilogy.  Bryon is also writing volumes 2 & 3 of The Destiny Trilogy, titled The Awakening, and The Beginning.  Bryon's other "gifts from Kirby" includes a 16 book children's series titled Trolley the Tarantula.  A supernatural trilogy titled The Paranormals - 1, 2, & 3.  A spiritual drama titled The Ethereals.  A paranormal murder mystery titled The Moaning Diaries.  And last but not least, an inter-dimensional / sci-fi / space-war epic titled Captain Icon.  After that, Bryon may write another children's series with the main title of The Adventures of Grandson Riley & Grandpa Bry.  Which would be based on Bryon and his Grandson.

Shannon has future plans to publish two children's books; Timid Tina and Scaredy Cow, and Cassie the Artist.  She is also working on and planning to publish her autobiography titled To Run The River.  Like most artists, Shannon has a very large amount of unfinished stories that she may or may not choose to publish some day.

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