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Channeling The Fates

Do you want to learn,

or do you want to understand.
What's the difference?
Learning comes from school.

Understanding comes from life.

Your eyes are as deep

as the universe is infinite.

It stings when a tender memory

isn't remembered by both. 

I'd rather be a lost soul,

than to have no soul at all.

Death can never extinguish the

memories of an exceptional life.

Karma offers me no pleasure when I

see it wreak havoc on those close

who've wronged me.  Instead I see the

beauty of what could have been.

Tolerance is the definition of unselfishness. 

Women are an amalgam of

beauty and chaos.

Death's kiss is life's reward.

Change is easier once

your spirit's been broken.

Life... why do we cherish

such a painful endeavor? 

The secret to a long life is misery

because time moves a lot slower

when you are unhappy. 

Destiny laughs when we cry no.

Each tear shed darkens the soul.

Challenge #1 in life:

Never let your heart wither and die.

Regret & Death

are the unholy partners of


The soul is born innocent.

And the heart dies with scars.

Yet life in-between remains indifferent.

If you're unable to act on your own beliefs without forcing others to do so too,

then your beliefs are meaningless.

Has anyone else been conditioned by life to prepare more for the worst because hoping for the best usually jinxes your hopes anyway?  But then for some strange reason, you almost  always still try to stay positive which is what jinxes your hopes in the first place.  It's a paradoxical curse called destiny.

Yeah... sucks, doesn't it.

Talking to oneself is good therapy.

Being in love is everything.

What I failed at in life,

I excelled at in my imagination.

Insanity is a beautiful lie to some,

and a unbearable truth for others.

Bottom line is, men do some things better than women, and women do some  things better than men, but some individuals do things better than both. 

In a relationship...... with my demons.

Destiny is the dealer of life,

and luck is the deck of

cards she plays with.

Never let others define your existence. 

Life is sweetest when it's in

danger of being taken away. 

Learning to go on is one of the

hardest lessons life teaches us.

People, Life, & Age.

Three things that destroys ones ability

to tolerate these three things. 

You know that sick feeling you get in the

area between your chest and stomach that

feels like you've been sucker-punched?

Yeah... That's your soul being bruised.

If life doesn't get you, then old age will, so

enjoy all of the earthly pleasures that the

physical world has to offer, for they will

be but a shadowy memory in the afterlife.

True knowledge is knowing

you know nothing.

The heart has the intelligence

level of a rock.

Science limits imagination,

while imagination inspires science.

Time is like thunder & lightning,

it can flash away in an instant,

or roll on very slowly, either

way, it's out of your control.

Imagination gives you

what you do not have.

Man Secret #1:

For all of our strength, courage,

determination, and resourcefulness,

our hearts are as fragile as glass.

Government, religion, corporations,

and unions, all lie in the same bed,

they just sleep with different people.

Make tomorrow your present

so the past becomes part of

your yesterday by way of

the future today.

If I have to walk on the path of

ignorance to reach the destination

of enlightenment, then so be it.

Marriage is a mystery in combat,

because every time I win a battle,

I come closer to losing the war.

The deeper the pain we feel in this life brings

deeper contentment we’ll feel in the next.

Death is living old doing what you hate while

living is dying young doing what you love.

Hope feeds the soul.

Life torments the wounded.

But only fate decides who survives.

The darkness lights my way.

Being grateful doesn't come from

thinking a woman is yours, being

grateful is knowing a woman is

freely giving herself to you.

Denial is the comfiest pillow of all. 

Life is a dance on the edge of happiness.

Life is not about changing everybody else,

life is about changing you.

Real men cry, and we'll kick your ass

for making fun of us for doing so.

Being underestimated will always

give you the advantage so enjoy it.       

Arrogance, deception, and greed are all

powerful human emotions, but the strength

of hope, kindness, and love can overcome

them all, but only by the just and heroic.

Right when you feel that the human race

can’t sink any lower into indifference,

a disaster comes along and brings the

people of earth together in goodwill.

Dreams have a better chance of becoming

reality when they are executed with a

little practicality and some hard work.

Lies are the only truth

some people will ever know.

Nightmares are the bullies of your dreams. 

Insomnia is the mistress I desire least.


You can be anything you want to be.


Oh no you can't. You'll be only what I allow.

Women are an eternal timeline of

infinite mystery, so understanding

them is forever futile.

Pain is like a well of despair, even when the

pain runs dry, an empty well still remains.

I am nothing I strive to be,

and everything I wish I wasn’t.

Petty bullshit are the crumbs of life,

you just brush them aside.

I’m not afraid of dying, but

reincarnation, that’s another story.

Nothing is as confusing as making all the

wrong choices in life while still knowing

they were made for the right reasons.

Loving, trusting, and preferring the

company of pets over people is a

sure sign humanity is doomed.

Why do miserable people with unhappy lives

bring children into this world, wouldn’t this

be considered the height of selfishness?

Matter, energy, dimensions & time,

are like the layers of an onion,

only infinite & eternal.

For many,

life is a never ending puzzle.

If it wasn't for unexplained

phenomenon, reality would be even more

of a bitch to endure than it already is.

The older love gets, the less shallow it becomes. 

Educate your ignorance. 

You couldn't survive one drink with my demons. 

The uniqueness of individuality does not 

come from the singular, but from the diverse. 

For some wounds, time is only a band-aid.

Assumption is the tool of ignorance.


Peacefully well balanced, until seduced to

dance on the edges of two chaotic extremes.

Struggle is the cold cruel teacher of life.

Freedom is an open road, and

enlightenment comes from driving it. 

A broken heart is survivable.

But a crushed soul will never heal.

My imagination in school, and in life, is limitless. Which is why my knowledge from school is limited.

For love to fail, it must first be a success,

and it's the sweet successes that

makes the failures truly bearable. 

Fate likes to watch its prey... suffer. 

Thine Own Self

     One day you will look in the mirror and see Karma take you into its wretched arms and touch you in ways that will repulse you, cripple you, destroy you. You will gag on its decaying breath as it sadistically laughs while you helplessly struggle against its molestation's. And when your defilement is deceptively teased with mercy, Karma will look deep into your lifeless eyes, relishing its handy work while eerily whispering;

     "I love how you openly defy me, and then

painfully whimper as I rip and tear your world apart. Begging me for forgiveness as if you do not deserve my vile and perverse attentions."

     Karma then callously casts your broken soul into a dark lonely abyss. A cold hard prison that's now buried deep inside your own twisted, grotesque, and spiritless body. Anything good, warm, and positive, is now lost to oblivion. Slowly, the tormented mirror now hopelessly fades to black. For I have been betrayed by thine... own... self.

Quotes & Poetry by Bryon Richard Smith

copyright 2012 - 2019


     Autumn is my favorite season. Nature turns red, orange, and yellow. The weather cools and old horror movies play on TV all the way up to All Hallows' Eve where the colors of orange and black shines upon haunted houses, Jack O' Lanterns, Halloween parties, and children dressing up to go Trick 'r' Treating.     

     Autumn is also the time when I get lost

walking down the aisle at the store where one

side is all Fall items and the other side is all

Halloween items. It's like my own little oasis.    

     Autumn. There is just something magical

during this time. Here is when the stars at

night twinkle with a little more mystery,

and the Moon shines with a little more danger.

More so than any other season. October

is the month of dark and wicked beauty.    

     Autumn then leads into Thanksgiving,

Christmas, and New Years Eve.

Yes, this truly is my favorite time of the year. 

     Is it too dark to admit my happy place is lying on the beach, listening to the waves crashing into the shore, feeling the sun and sand while dreaming of being one with the freedom of the wind?  Ashes... it's my cremated ashes that are lying on the beach.





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