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Shannon's Masterpiece Poem

The Art of Problem Solving

In the beginning there was RIGHT and WRONG and all was well, then CIRCUMSTANCE became an ISSUE and FACT was QUESTIONED.  GUILT was PUNISHED by MISUNDERSTANDING.  JUSTIFICATION could not take SIDES when it believed in BOTH.  When the dust settled, RIGHT and WRONG lost fight to BLAME and HATE who quickly invited in DESTRUCTION.  POSSIBILITY was seen with ASSUMPTIONS instead of SOLUTION, so everyone else thought they had the ANSWER and forgot about PROBLEM.  CONFUSION decided to forget it.  UNDERSTANDING cried.

So who won?  It could not have been RIGHT or WRONG, they both met with DEFEAT.  CHANCE won when it let go of PERSPECTIVE and met with OPPORTUNITY.  How could that be?  CHANCE realized what POSSIBILITY knew.  You can feel RIGHT and be WRONG, or feel WRONG and be RIGHT, but when you ARE SURE, (like RIGHT and WRONG) there is NO CHANCE to solving PROBLEM.

I have a new understanding for Einstein, he knew the answer to his equation was E=MC2.  You know the equation and the answer, now explain the process with the answer everyone can understand, and you will have discovered, THE ART OF  PROBLEM SOLVING.

Shannon Amy Smith

Copyright 2000

Bryon's Masterpiece Poem

The Poem of Poems

Our consciousness has become aware
Our soul is created with much fan faire
The thirteen levels are for us to seeTo exist in the afterlife so all of us can be
Then we will go to our first physical life
In a physical body made of joy or strife
A new family here will be our first testA test that brings on all of the restThe joy of youth will keep us freedResponsibility is for others to heed    
A life can be short or a life can be long
A life can be right or a life can be wrong 
And friendship will be just another quiz
To quiz our lives because it is what it is 
Our first love then shapes our heartTo finish our end or begin our start   
Death then comes to haunt our soulIt takes from us so we are not whole 
Our soul mate comforts our painful firesHealing our losses with our own desiresLove is the strongest force we will face
It flavors our lives with sweet loving tastes
Our body will age thru good and bad timesExperiences learned still begins but unwindsAnd still all this time we will feel there is moreOur faith in the afterlife is part of our loreThen the end of one life will begin with anotherBack to the afterlife preparing for the otherFive hundred years or right back to earth
Or to a different realm for another rebirth
Thru dimensions of time and of outer spaceOur souls will then travel anytime or anyplaceA New Souls creation will now be with us allIt’s so rare and celebrated to all it will now callDark Souls are demons here to raise a lot of hell
Destroying all the good in life is all that we can tell
And Hungry Souls manipulate all the unexpected
Deceptively they all will hide so they are not suspected
Insane Souls are crazy and know not what they will be
An ethereal life or physical one in neither life they’re free
Lost Souls are the ones who do get caught the most
In between our two realms to scare us as a ghost
Revolving Souls are the ones who come back instantly
Learning lessons once again to forget them constantly
Physical Souls love to touch so they will stay away
Away from The Ethereal Realm so they can always play
Transit Souls are the ones controlling pre-transition
Choosing lives to find another learning new position 
Timeless Souls will live with all within the ethereal planePhysical over ethereal lives to them is not the sameGifted Souls are the ones who will be very sensitive
Clairvoyants and empaths too with powers so comparative
Guiding Souls are the ones who whisper in our ears
Helpful hints to guide us clear of all our human fears
To be a Guardian Soul who protects from physical strifeIs still a warrior angel back within the ethereal lifeEternal Souls have left behind all their physical woe
Ethereal lives are all they want to point them where to go
And let’s not forget about all of our other friends
Animal Souls are by our side as our soul now transcends
To sacrifice for others has always been too rare and tight
A loving nature is rewarded when our compassion is so right 
The Souls of Existence that enables all to live
Is by The Original Soul who rewards us when we give 
That’s how our advancement will be given to us all
So in the afterlife we can grow and will not fall 
What the hell is he writing about he’s crazy as a loonFor if you still don’t get it you will get it one day soonHow do I know of all of this well you I will now tellNever before in my whole life have I written words so wellMy spirit cousin Kirby along with Shannon my psychic loveHave come together like they’re one to tell of what’s aboveNow all the pain and sorrow I have carried in my heartDoes not hurt as much before so now I get a new startLiving Beyond Existence-Kirby’s Gift from the Afterlife
Was also written down by me with Shannon my medium wife
So my life along with destiny together they will rhymeTo write about all of this cause now is now my timeMy poems are my journey as their ink on paper roamsTeaching me to write for you my only Poem of PoemsBryon Richard SmithCopyright 2012

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